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Still You Think Youtubing is Very tough Job if They Earn Huge Money with Simple Idea

Today I will show you guys some example of youtubing, give you some channel url, some videos here.

I will give you to make you understand why you should start youtubing today and how easy to find a idea to be good youtuber and earn smart amount of money from youtube.

Making video is not tough job as peoples think. Everybody think that we need to make big production house, need to make film, drama, short film type of video to be popular in youtube.

You don’t need to be magician or comedian to be youtuber. Very simple idea can make you very popular in youtube.

Around you have lot of thing, lot of issue and lot of subject to make video using your mobile. You don’t need to make a production house or you don’t need to be big video editor in your team.

Just captured any kind of interesting thing around you using your mobile and then edit some using Movie Maker Windows software.

It is very easy to use. You will find lot of youtube video how to use movie maker software.

Most Easy way earning money youtube channel:

Channel url:
Join On Youtube : Jan 20, 2014
Channel Subscribe: 6,463,761
Channel total views: 3,383,161,865
Approximate total earning from youtube: 3.5 Million USD
(Amount is not officially declare by youtube, it is just our guess amount as our experience says.

Do you know what actually make this channel. This guy just search in google and try to find shocking, controversial, mysterious, funny, weird and mind-blowing 5-10 photos from google and using those images he make a video with some audio added in it.

Here is some of his latest video as example:

1. 10 BIGGEST Coincidences in History

2. 10 Facts That Prove the Ocean is a Scary Place

3. 10 Actors Who Actually “Did It” On Screen

4. 10 Photos That Prove You Have A Dirty Mind

Now I will show you guys a simple idea of video makes a guy rich. He just cook lot of foods in his video using his Father. It is not his recipe channel, he even never tell word in English or showing anything in video. He just cook huge amount foods in his video and cooker is his Father. Sometime he cook 100 Shrimp, 300 eggs, 100 chicken ran etc in his channel and you can’t believe within 3-4 month how much popular and how much money he earn from video in youtube.

Very easy and simple idea youtube channel:

Channel url:
Join On Youtube : May 21, 2015 (Though his activity of uploading video is just from last 5 month)
Channel Subscribe: 216,662
Channel total views: 48,832,231
Approximate total earning from youtube: 4.8 to 5.00 Lach USD
(Amount is not officially declare by youtube, it is just our guess amount as our experience says.

Here some of his popular cooking video:

1. KING of CHICKEN LEGS / Using 100 Chicken Legs / Prepared by my Daddy

Views: 8,041,662
Total approximate Earning: 8,000 USD.

2. EGG Gravy prepared by my daddy / Using 300 EGGS

Views: 6,083,230
Total approximate Earning: 6,000 USD.

3. Full GOAT Gravy Prepared by my daddy / VILLAGE FOOD FACTORY

Views: 5,167,295
Total approximate Earning: 5,200 USD.

I will add some more ideas later.

NOTE: We have provide some changeable information in this post like youtube video views, subscribe and earning. This information added in January 25, 2017.

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