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Some Viral Videos That Should be Deleted from Youtube

You still have some videos that violate youtube all police, community guideline and others all law of google.

But still those videos are in youtube. Most of the channel should be terminate as youtube police and community guideline.

Here one channel whose all the videos have fake thumbnails to attract viewer.

Channel url:

subscribers: 356,954
Views: 201,986,810
Joined Aug 18, 2016

Approximate earning from youtube : 2 Lach USD

Why this channel should be banned, here is some video prove:

See thumbnails is totally different from main video. And this video is the most popular video in this channel.

This video views: 47,247,084
And they earn about 50,000 USD from this fake video.

Here is another one:

Here is another channel, they mix up sex and cooking together.

Some videos of this channel

Here is another channel who always use totally fake thumbnail images:

Channel url:

Here is some videos example:

2nd video:

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