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Helicopter Jump – Extreme Bungy – Love Adventure then Watch Here

I am going to post here some videos for adventure love people. Who Love para suite, Helicopter, Bungy Jump etc.

For youtube you can watch all of those adventure video from home. It is very scary but I am sure it has the pure joy in heart.

When you will watch video you will understand how much passion they have to do it, how much they love to do it.

After doing this kind of adventure you will see how much happy they are in their face. If anyone have option then they should do at least one time in life Helicopter Jumping.

You will understand the pure joy when you will see that you are fly in the air.

Here is the first video that was made in Navarre Beach, FL, USA. Some girl and Boys doing this, they said Our first jump from a Helicopter. This was a day I will never forget. They Jump about 600 Meter Higher.

This video views: 15,105,061
Approximate earning from this video till today: 15,000 USD.

Here is another video of Extreme Bungy Jumping with Cliff Jump Shenanigans! Play On in New Zealand. Here you will get extreme label adventure. About 400 Higher Jumping without para suite, only using some extra support. Everyone will be scary in their first time for sure. Two side of this spot have huge hill and that is more scary to jump.

This video total views in youtube: 6,090,121
Total approximate earning from youtube: 6,000 USD.

Here is most popular Bungy Jumping video in youtube:

This video total views in youtube: 32,206,779
Total approximate earning from youtube: 32,000 USD.

Now I will post another video that is taken from most height building in the world while construction going on and this guy took selfi and make video from the top of it’s place.

Shanghai Tower in china and height now 650 meters.

This video is viral in youtube and got lot of viewer attention.

This video total views in youtube: 60,787,631
Total approximate earning from youtube: 62,000 USD.

NOTE: Information I put in website like views, subscriber and others info I put is always change. Youtube views and subscriber everyday change. So information will be change as well. And earning money we give is approximate amount, not any official youtube amount but we just guess the amount from out previous experience and hear lot from others youtuber.

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