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Helicopter Jump – Extreme Bungy – Love Adventure then Watch Here

I am going to post here some videos for adventure love people. Who Love para suite, Helicopter, Bungy Jump etc. For youtube you can watch all of those adventure video from home. It is very scary but I am sure it has the pure joy in heart. When you will watch video you will understand how much passion they have to do it, how much they love to do it. After doing this kind of adventure you will see how much happy they are in their face. If anyone have…

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Some Viral Videos That Should be Deleted from Youtube

You still have some videos that violate youtube all police, community guideline and others all law of google. But still those videos are in youtube. Most of the channel should be terminate as youtube police and community guideline. Here one channel whose all the videos have fake thumbnails to attract viewer. Channel url: subscribers: 356,954 Views: 201,986,810 Joined Aug 18, 2016 Approximate earning from youtube : 2 Lach USD Why this channel should be banned, here is some video prove: See thumbnails is totally different from main video. And…

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Do you know which channel earn most in 2015-16 from youtube?

Do you know which youtube channel has most subscriber? And how much subscriber he has? Felix Arvid Ulf Kjellberg is the name of the guy who born 1989. He is 28 years old only. He is most popular by his youtube funny channel. PewDiePie is his channel name that have more than 5 crore subscriber. He is actually a comedian. He created his youtube channel in 2010 and within about 7 years he is the most popular youtuber in the world. He is also the most earning person in 2015-16…

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