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World Most Viewed Video in Youtube – How Much They Earn from That Video

Do you know youtube pay highest for video in the world. If you can make very good video youtube can be profession. I think better than profession. Even if your one video make viral you can be millionaire within very short time.

Do you know which video is the most viewed in youtube. And how much money that one video earn from youtube.

Here is the most viewed video you can watch here:

When I am writing this report about most viewed video in the worl this video watched 2,744,154,526 times (Two Hundred Seventy Four Crore and Forty One Lach Fifty Four Thousands Five Hundred Twenty Six Time) in youtume.

Can you imagine how much this video earn from youtube?

I don’t think you can imagine, it is lot more than you think.

Approximately this video earn from youtube 2.7 Million USD.

Here is World 2nd Most Viewed video in the world:

This song total views till now: 2,193,679,518 and approximate earning for this song 2.2 Million USD.

3rd Most popular Song in the world:

Till now this video 1,751,354,361 views around the world and Earn about 1.8 Million USD.

4th Most viewed song in the world:

Do you know this song make Justin Bieber most popular singer in the world. His others song also popular but this one first time make him viral. This song till now total views: 1,534,390,286 and approximate earning from this song about 1.7 Million USD.

Here is World Most 5th Viewed video in the world:

Till now this video 1,292,171,985 views around the world and Earn about 1.30 Million USD.

This calculation is not official calculation. So if the earning amount is different then we are not related with. We just calculate this from our previous experience and hear from lot of youtuber around the world.

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