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Do You Know Selena Gomez Total Youtube Earning?

Selena Gomez is the most favorite star singer for now a days boys. Her full name: Selena Marie Gomez She is only 24 years old now and she has huge fan in facebook, youtube and others social network. She is huge crushed by new generation boys. She had more than one crore follower in youtube. And do you know how much she earn yet from youtube. It is huge amount and you can’t believe how more she will do in near future, she is just 24 years now. Here is…

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Still You Think Youtubing is Very tough Job if They Earn Huge Money with Simple Idea

Today I will show you guys some example of youtubing, give you some channel url, some videos here. I will give you to make you understand why you should start youtubing today and how easy to find a idea to be good youtuber and earn smart amount of money from youtube. Making video is not tough job as peoples think. Everybody think that we need to make big production house, need to make film, drama, short film type of video to be popular in youtube. You don’t need to be…

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Do You Know Justin Bieber Total Earning From Youtube? You Will Be Shocked!!

Do you know which singer earn most from youtube? You may think that it could be Katy Perry or Shakira. But you are wrong!! Justin Bieber is the most earning youtube singer celebrity in the world. His youtube career started from 2009 and he is now only 22 years old. His channel has now 26,866,503 subscribers and his channel total views: 14,099,051,321 Can you imagine how much money it can earn from youtube? His earning approximately 15-16 Million USD. Only from youtube he earn more than 15 Million then can…

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Most Viewed Hindi Song in History – How Much they earn from youtube?

Did you know which Hindi song viewed most time in youtube? 2016 one Hindi song break all the record in youtube history in Indian cenema song. Here is Song that breaks all record and viewed most time in indian youtue history. This Song was recorded for Baar Baar Dekho movie 2016. Till now this song viewed in youtube about 17 Crore and earn from youtube about 1.70 Lach USD. 2nd most viewed Hindi Song: Till now this song viewed in youtube about 10 Crore and earn from youtube about 1.00…

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