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Start Youtubing – What You Should Remember to be youtuber

Now a days youtubing is the most popular way of earning money from internet for youth peoples. And of course youtube pay lot of money to their partner. If you want to be a great partner of google and want to earn money from youtube then you need to think first. In which area you are good at. What type of video you can manage in regular basis. Don’t think about only film, drama, movie, trailer, shortfilm etc. Try something from your real life. Did you know that last year a cooking girl is the one of the top five youtuber. Here is her youtube channel link to see

Here is some of her video to get idea what actually shoe does.

Her Most Popular Video:

Her latest Video:

I gave you guys this videos to get idea. You need to find what actually makes you interest. You can go with the foods, you can go with the fishing or anything that is most available in your around.

What you should remember before start youtubing:

  1. Read youtube all Term of Services, Community Guideline, Policy. Remember never break any law.
  2. Be a Member of Youtube Help Forum!forum/youtube
  3. Read sometime others user issue in help forum, so that you will understand better youtubing.
  4. While uploading video never add unnecessary description, tags and title of video.
  5. Never put unrelated thumbnails to attract viewer.
  6. Don’t view own video again and again.
  7. Don’t be frustrated and take time. Most youtuber do wrong thing with the faster money making process.
  8. Don’t use any software to increase viewer and subscriber outside of google adwards.
  9. Don’t try to make money very faster way. Remember if you give good content then automatically your viewer will come and subscriber will increase.
  10. Edit all video nicely. Make thing always in short time. If your video is very lengthy then user will not get interested.

I will add more point later.

However, you can submit it later, if it doesn’t go as planned.

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