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Do you know which channel earn most in 2015-16 from youtube?

Do you know which youtube channel has most subscriber? And how much subscriber he has?

Felix Arvid Ulf Kjellberg is the name of the guy who born 1989. He is 28 years old only. He is most popular by his youtube funny channel.

PewDiePie is his channel name that have more than 5 crore subscriber. He is actually a comedian. He created his youtube channel in 2010 and within about 7 years he is the most popular youtuber in the world.

He is also the most earning person in 2015-16 years from youtube.

His channel url:

Channel 52,657,092 subscribers and 14,685,572,158 viewer while I am writing this article.

In 2015 he earn total 15 Million USD from youtube one channel only.

Here is some of his channel most popular videos:

Most Viewed video in his channel:

2nd most viewed video:

3rd Most Viewed Video:

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NOTE: Yutube views and subscriber always change, So our data will not be match exactly like we are giving. We just show approximate data.

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